Challenge ProMode Arena

CPMA Server Settings


Server Settings

Date: 11 Jun 08

Recommended dedicated server command-line:

quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set fs_game cpma +set vm_game 2 +exec <config>

General CPMA Options

  • mode_start <string>

Specify the game type to start the server with.

1v1 : Duel / "Classic" Deathmatch

FFA : Free For All

TDM : Team Deathmatch

CTF : Capture The Flag

CA : Clan Arena

FTAG : FreezeTag (European rules)

CTFS : Capture Strike

Or a custom mode. See the custom modes guide for details.

  • mode_idletime <minutes></minutes> (default: 10)

How long before idle servers reset to default mode and map.

  • server_gameplay <CPM|PMC|CQ3|VQ3>

Sets the level (speed and strategic depth) of gameplay to use.

CPM : Challenge ProMode II (Modern CPM, 2004+)

PMC : ProMode Classic (2000-2003)

CQ3 : Challenge Quake3

VQ3 : Vanilla Quake3 (OSP)

  • server_maxpacketsmin <value> (default: 30)

Specifies minimum client cl_maxpackets setting.

0 : No lower limit on client cl_maxpackets

  • server_maxpacketsmax <value> (default: 125)

Specifies maximum client cl_maxpackets setting.

0 : No upper limit on client cl_maxpackets

  • server_motdfile <filename> (default: "none")

Defines an external file from which to read MOTD message to display to a client.
This file will override any server_motdX variable setting (defined below).

"none" : No MOTD file defined.

  • server_motdX <string> (X = 1 through 8)

Sets the server MOTD.
Each var is used to display a line in the MOTD.
The message is terminated when the first empty line ("") is encountered.

  • server_optimiseBW <0|1>

Force the optimiseBW algorithm on for all clients, which greatly reduces the amount of unnecessary data sent out. Regrettably, this also makes you unable to see players through portals, thanks to a bug in the Q3 engine. Regardless, this really should never be set to 0 except when on LAN: the difference is just staggering.

0 : Waste huge amounts of bandwidth for no good reason.

1 : Don't. :)

  • server_timenudgemin <value> (default: 0)

Specifies minimum client cl_timenudge setting.

0 : No lower limit on client cl_timenudge.

  • server_timenudgemax <value> (default: 0)

Specifies maximum client cl_timenudge setting.

0 : No upper limit on client cl_timenudge.

  • server_ratemin <value> (default: 0)

Specifies minimum client rate setting.

0 : No lower limit on client rate.

  • server_record <bitmask>

1 : Record demos.

2 : Take screenshots.

4 : Add server name to demo/screenshot filenames.

8 : Add server time when game starts to filenames.

  • server_availmodes <string> (default: "")

Restrict the server to a subset of supported game types.

"" : All modes available.

  • server_chatfloodprotect <value> (default: 0)

Controls max # of msgs per second.

0 : No limit.

Example: server_chatfloodprotect 2 means you can talk every 500 ms.

  • server_useMapModes <0|1> (default: 1)

Enables/disables game type overrides on map loads.
For more details, read the cfg-maps/mapmodes.txt in your CPMA directory.

  • server_timersNeutralZone <value> (default: 16)

Neutral zone radius for item timers. Some maps aren't truly symmetric, have sloppily placed mid items, etc.

Example: team classification of quad, haste and mh on cpmctf2 in CTF

Radius Team
6- Red
7+ Neutral

  • ref_password <string> (default: "none")

Sets the password for in-game "referee" (admin) access.

"none" : Disable the referee feature.

General Quake 3 Options

  • g_inactivity <seconds> (default: 0)

Specifies how long a player can idle before being kicked from the server.

0 : Disables this feature.

  • g_log <logfilename> (default: "games.log")

Specifies the name of the file to save all in-game information. It's worth pointing out that log files can get very large, and for public servers there's really not much point in using them. Anything truly important will be written to the admin log instead, which is a separate file.

"" : Disables logging.

  • match_mutespecs <0|1> (default: 0)

Enables/disables spectator chat being displayed to active players in the game when a match is in progress.

  • match_readypercent <percentage from 1-100> (default: 51)

Specifies the percentage of in-game players who must be "ready" to start a match. This can also be used to get a match going on an otherwise long "warmup" period.

  • match_maxsuicides <value> (default: 0)

Players who /kill more than this many times will be auto-banned. It stops them screwing up TDM games and forcing draws in DA.

0 : Disables this feature.

  • match_WinDelayDA <milliseconds> (default: 2000)

Controls how long after the kill a winner is actually declared so. If you rail someone but then their rocket takes you out, the round is ruled a draw.

  • match_winDelayCA <milliseconds> (default: 4000)

Same as match_WinDelayDA but for Clan Arena games.


  • team_allcaptain <0|1> (default: 1)

0 : Traditional captaincy assignments (1 per team).

1 : All players on a team have the ability to invite spectators or to call a time-out. There is still a single "true" captain.

  • g_teamAutoJoin <0|1> (default: 0)

0 : Places connecting players in spectator mode once they have fully connected to the game.

1 : Automatically places a player on the team with the lowest number of players (or score if equal player counts) after fully connecting to the game.

  • g_teamForceBalance <0|1> (default: 0)

0 : Allows players to join any team, regardless of player counts.

1 : Forces players to join the team that has fewer players and if equal, then the team with the lower score.


  • g_allowVote <0|1> (default: 1)

Determines if client voting is available on a server.

0 : Disables all client voting on the server.

1 : Allows clients to vote on server settings.

  • vote_limit <value> (default: 5)

Maximum # of votes allowed during a map for a non-referee.

  • vote_percent <1-100> (default: 51)

Specifies the percentage of accepting clients needed for a vote to pass. Note that a player who does not vote is assumed to be opposed to the change. This saves players being forced to break off actual play simply to "defend" against an unwanted vote.

  • vote_allow_<setting>

All but a few votes have a corresponding vote_allow_<setting> cvar, which enables fine control of players' ability to call votes. Note that a referee may change any votable setting, regardless of its vote_allow control, so you should use vote_allow_referee 0 as well if you choose to disable any votes.

  • 0 : Disables a particular vote item.

  • 1 : Allows clients to vote on the item.

  • allcaptain <0|1> (default: 1)

See team_allcaptain.

  • armor <0-200>

Specify amount of armor to give players on spawn.

  • armorsystem <0-3>

Allows different ProMode armor systems to be used.

0 : Standard (S:5 GA:50 YA:100 RA:150).

1 : Obsolete (S:5 GA:50 YA:100 RA:200).

2 : Quake1-ish (S:2 GA:100 YA:150 RA:200).

3 : Quake2-ish (S:2 GA:25 YA:50 RA:100).

  • dropitems <0-3>

Ability to drop weapons/ammo/flags.

0 : None.

1 : Weapons and ammo.

2 : Flags.

3 : All.

  • fallingdamage <0|1>

Enables/disables falling damage (duh).

  • flood <value>

Sets maximum number of chat messages per client per second. Clients can use this vote to loosen or disable (0) flood control, usually in teamplay games where free communication is crucial.

  • footsteps <0|1> (in CQ3 gameplay only)

Enables/disables footstep sounds.

  • hook <0|1|2>

Sets hook availability and type.

0 : Disabled.

1 : Offhand (the "newbie" grapple, or "crutch").

2 : Onhand (the "skill" grapple).

  • instagib <0|1>

Enables/disables Instagib gameplay.

  • items +/-<item>

Enables/disables items (weapons, powerups, etc):
See the Item Names section of this page to see what you can use.

  • kick <player_id>

Forces a player to disconnect from the server.

  • map <mapid|mapname|!mapcfg>

Changes to a new map and/or itemset.

  • maxdamage <value>

Sets the maximum damage shots can do to "friendly" players (yourself and your teammates).

0 : No limit. Use selfdamage and teamdamage to disable completely.

  • maxpackets_max / maxpackets_min <value>

Both controlled by vote_allow_maxpackets.
See server_maxpacketsmin / server_maxpacketsmax.

  • mode <mode_name>

Loads a standard server configuration. Normally used to change game types. Note that there is no vote_allow_mode cvar: server_availmodes is used instead to give admins more control.

  • mutespecs <0|1>

See match_mutespecs.

  • overtime <0|1|2>

Sets overtime behaviour.

0 : Sudden Death (first score decides).

1 : Timed Periods (2 or 5 minutes each).

2 : No Overtime (matches can end in a tie).

  • poweruprespawn <30-120>

Sets power respawn delay in seconds.

  • gameplay <name>

See server_gameplay.

  • prosound <0|1> (in CQ3 gameplay only)

Enables/disables ProMode's enhanced sound system.

  • random <value>

Picks a number from 1 to <value>

  • referee <player_id>

Gives a player additional admin abilities. These can be removed by an unreferee vote.

  • reload <value>

Sets RG reload time for Instagib games (in ms, normally 1500).

  • scorelimit / limit <value>

Changes the fraglimit/caplimit/roundlimit/pointlimit.

  • selfdamage <0-3>

Controls your ability to hurt yourself.

0 : None.

1 : Health only.

2 : Armor only.

3 : Health and armor.

  • simplemega <0|1>

Controlled by vote_allow_mhstyle. Toggles wearoff/periodic MH respawn behaviour.

  • startrespawn <0|1>

For CA/DA, toggles players respawning on round start. For Freeze Tag, toggles winning team thawing on round start.

  • startweapon <bitmask>

Sets players initial armament on respawn. Add values together to give multiple weapons.

4 : MG

8 : SG

16 : GL

32 : RL

64 : LG

128 : RG

256 : PG

512 : BFG

  • teamdamage <0-3>

Controls your ability to hurt teammates. Values are as for self-damage.

  • thawauto <30-300>

Controlled by vote_allow_thaw. Sets how long players stay frozen if not defrosted by a teammate.

  • thawtime <1-10>

Controlled by vote_allow_thaw. Sets how long it takes to defrost teammates (in seconds).

  • thrufloors <0|1>

Toggles splash damage transferring through thin surfaces.

  • timelimit <value>

Changes the game's timelimit.

  • timenudge_max / timenudge_min <value>

Both controlled by vote_allow_timenudge. See server_timenudgemin / server_timenudgemax.

  • warmup <seconds>

Sets the duration of the pre-match warmup.

  • weaponrespawn <seconds>

Sets weapon respawn delay.

0 : Weapon stay


  • hook_delaytime <milliseconds> (default: 750)

Specifies the minimum number of milliseconds that a player can redeploy a hook after use.

  • hook_holdtime <seconds> (default: 3)

Specifies the maximum number of seconds that a player's hook will remain attached.

  • hook_range <units></units> (default: 1800)

Specifies the maximum length of the hook cable.

  • hook_sky <0|1> (default: 0)

0 : Players cannot hook the "sky" surface.

1 : Players can hook onto any surface (except other players).

  • hook_speed <value> (default: 1200)

The speed at which the hook leaves from the player's position and makes contact with a surface on the map.

  • hook_speedpull <value> (default: 700)

The speed at which a player is pulled along the hook's path after it has landed on a valid map surface.

Map Settings

  • map_cfgdir <value> (default: "cfg-maps")

Sets the name of the file where the map lists etc are read from.

  • map_delay <seconds> (default: 30)

No map voting allowed for this long after a map change unless everyone's loaded the new map and is ready to play. Stops one lamer with a fast machine forcing changes to a map by voting it in before anyone else has managed to reconnect.

  • map_rotate <0|1> (default: 0)

If non-zero and a MODE is enabled, the server will rotate to the next map in the list for that mode when fl/tl/cl/rl is hit. map_rotate is ignored if the server is in 1v1 mode or is running a multi-arena map.

Item Names

The short forms are names that can be used in callvote item votes.


Short form Full Name
MG Machine Gun
SG Shotgun
GL Grenade Launcher
RL Rocket Launcher
LG Lightning Gun
RG Railgun
PG Plasma Gun
BFG Big F****ng Gun

Item pickups

Short form Full Name
AMMO Ammunition
5H Health Sphere
25H Yellow Health
50H Gold Health
MH Megahealth
5A Armor Shard
GA Green Armor
YA Yellow Armor
RA Red Armor


Short form Full Name
QUAD Quad Damage
SUIT Battle Suit
INVIS Invisibility
REGEN Regeneration
TELE Personal Teleporter

Grouped items

Short form Full Name
HEALTH All Health
ARMOR All Armor
RUNES All Powerups
ITEMS All Holdables
ALL Everything