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CNQ3 1.50 Changelog


Changelog for CNQ3 1.50


  • on Windows, "/crashreport:yes" and "/crashreport:no" command-line arguments
    they enable the crash handler's quiet mode (no dialog window will be shown)

  • the fs_restart command to manually restart the file system


  • the client executable will now write to q3config.cfg on exit

  • even lower CPU usage when minimized

  • during id downloads (cl_allowDownload -1), the time-out is 5 seconds instead of cl_timeout

  • the "nextdemo" cvar is now also used when playback stops before reaching the demo's end

  • mouse motion is no longer forwarded to the mod when the console is down

  • with 2+ monitors, having the console down will always disable input grabbing

  • on Windows, a fatal error will move the early console window to the foreground

  • com_hunkMegs doesn't have a maximum value anymore
    a value too high would reset it and the engine might fail to load with the default value


  • broken pk3 files could cause crashes (entry names too long) and mess up the FS

  • using /demo when running a listen server would load the map and then abort playback

  • no longer making local copies of all the system info cvars of the current server
    this avoids undesired local changes to cvars such as sv_pure

  • now updating the FS (connected to pure server, pak references) on client disconnects

  • the condump command was truncating its file path argument to 64 characters

  • "timedemo" playback runs at full speed again

  • on Windows, when unfocused, the client would always sleep 5+ ms regardless of com_maxFPS

  • conditional FS restarts will always re-order the pak list when connected to a pure server

  • lifted the directory scanning restriction that affected pure listen servers

  • getting stuck on "Awaiting snapshot…" when the server shuts down during client connection

  • demo playback would crash when delta entities/players had an invalid field count

  • strcpy calls with overlapping buffers (undefined behavior), which were responsible for the
    "chars.h not found" / "couldn't load any skills" issue preventing bots from being added

  • on Linux, the 'Z' and '9' keys could not be bound

  • cl_allowDownload 1 failing on "connect" (error 10047 on Windows)

  • cl_allowDownload 1 was using the current directory instead of fs_basepath

  • jitter due to snapshots piling up with the same server timestamp for loopback and LAN clients

  • the Windows crash handler would incorrectly consider certain exceptions as fatal