Challenge ProMode Arena

Download links

DEZ pack (for new players)

The DEZ pack contains everything you'll need to play except the Quake III Arena files.
Please refer to the installation guide for how to proceeed.

Update files (for seasoned players)

FilenameDescriptionAdditional info
CPMA 1.53The mod itselfReleased November 2023
CPMA MapsAll maps required by the modNo update needed with CPMA 1.48 or later
CNQ3 1.53The official engineReleased November 2023
CPMA Beta MapsThe 2020 Beta MapsNot mandatory. More information here

Patches for original CD version (for masochists)

Please refer to the installation guide for the step-by-step process.

If you want to use the vanilla (original) engine, you'd need to apply the 1.32c Point Release (an archive with only a new executable) after running the 1.32 Point Release's installer. We recommend against using the original executable as it offers a pretty miserable experience by today's standards.


Source code

If you're interested in the source code for the CNQ3 client, then feel free to check out the official repository on bitbucket.