Challenge ProMode Arena

CPMA 1.51 Changelog


Changelog for CPMA 1.51


  • /forfeit to concede defeat in 1v1 or HM

  • ch_hiddenElements <string> (default: "") is a space-separated list of SuperHUD elements to hide

    • this includes custom elements (PreDecorate and PostDecorate) and they can be specified individually
    • example: PreDecorate3 is the third PreDecorate element of the currently loaded HUD config
    • hud_hide will add to this list and hud_show will remove from this list
    • example: ch_hiddenElements "Score_NME Score_OWN" hides scores irrespective of the loaded HUD config
  • the LocalTime SuperHUD element displays the local time in the "hh:mm" format


  • the Chat1-8 SuperHUD elements behave the same as in 1.48 (no con_notifytime/cl_noprint filtering)

  • the PowerUpXX_Icon SuperHUD elements will now display holdable items too and
    the number of PowerUp* SuperHUD element slots was raised from 4 to 8

  • /kill is now disabled in the following scenarios:
    CA DA FTAG -> during rounds and countdowns
    CTFS HM -> during rounds

  • StatusBar_ArmorIcon isn't visible with 0 armor (like StatusBar_ArmorCount and StatusBar_ArmorBar)

  • in OT pauses, the clock will no longer show the total time elapsed since the first OT started


  • the UI's mouse sensitivity slider now works with CNQ3

  • leaving a HM match in progress during the countdown of round 2+ wouldn't forfeit

  • the following "items" arguments would fail in a mode script: "-5H", "-25", "-50", "-5A"

  • parts of the vote system were stuck on version 1.47.

    • In addition to the 1.48 changes, non-speconly'd spectators can now vote on:
      • referee and unreferee items in all game modes (1.48: all modes except 1v1 and HM)
      • any item in Duel Arena
  • in the server browser, the server selection now survives rescans and sort key changes

  • /mvd and /autorecord were creating the same demo name over and over (date/time of last match start)

  • cg_autoAction demo recording not happening after /autorecord or /mvd was used

  • combined map + mode changes would make clients lose their session data (ref, speconly, etc)

  • the forfeiting player can now talk to his opponent during intermission with mutespecs enabled

  • the SuperHUD element AmmoMessage now works in multi-view mode

  • the scoreboard flash that happened right before respawning after a DA round loss

  • "Invalid vote in PassVote: windelay" warning in DA and HM

  • the following commands would crash when run at the server's console (or through rcon):
    name<red|blue>, coach<red|blue>, remove

  • the duration of the countdown of the first round in CA is now "warmup" seconds

  • set the win delays of CA, DA and HM back to what they were in 1.48

  • no longer starting demo recording in DA through cg_autoAction

  • no longer displaying "all players ready" in FFA and DA

  • players spawning at the end of round countdowns instead of the start in CA and DA

  • the wrong custom game mode could sometimes be loaded when one's name was the prefix of another

    • (e.g. "PUBCTFS" instead of "PUBCTF")
  • fullbright player models now work with NTF

  • callvotes for unregistered maps now get immediately rejected

  • ch_drawKeys 2 wasn't displaying in zoomed (multi-)view

  • HM round countdown missing

  • the clock was frozen at 0:00 in sudden death overtimes