Challenge ProMode Arena

CPMA Demo Playback


Key Operations

Keystrokes and mouse clicks no longer abort demos. If you have binds that you wish to use, press ESC once. However there are a standard set of keys for most common demo functions:

Standard Demos

Key Function
TAB Brings up the scoreboard.
PGUP / PGDN Multiplies/divides playback speed by 2 (min=0.125, max=32).
HOME Sets normal playback speed (1).
END Toggles play/pause.
KP_5 toggles Third-person rendering.
KP_UPARROW / KP_DNARROW Moves camera to / from player.
KP_LEFT / KP_RIGHT Moves camera around player.
KP_HOME Resets camera distance and angle.
F11 Takes a screenshot.
'.' Jumps 30s ahead.

MultiView Demos Only

Key Function
SPACE/MOUSE2 Switches to next player.
ALT Switches to previous player.
MOUSE1 In a coachview, zooms in to that player.
MOUSE1 In a main view, switches to coachview.
MOUSE1 On a subview, switches to that player.
B Blue Flag, i.e. red FC (CTF duh!).
R Red Flag, i.e. blue FC.
F Either FC.
I Invis player.
Q Quad player.
S Battle suit player.
P Any player with a real PU (i.e. not Regen/Flight/Speed).
V/MOUSE3 Toggles viewcam.

for F and P, if there's more than one PU/flag in play
each keypress will cycle to the next one

Note that cg_followpowerup and team overlay work during MVD playback.

Demo Browser

CPMA supports directory trees of demos. Hitting ESC in a demo menu tree pops you up one level rather than straight back to the main menu.

"Back" still jumps all the way out just in case you like it. Once you find the demo you desire, you can hit ENTER to launch it or select Play.