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CPMA NTF Configs


NTF Config Overview

NTF is a class-based form of CTF, somewhat reminiscent of Team Fortress but really having very little in common with it. Flags, Powerups, and Ammo are all present just as in CTF, but maps have no Armour, no Health except for the MegaHealth, and no Weapons.

  • Players spawn with no armour, and an initial health and weapon loadout determined by the class.
  • Health and armour both regenerate at 5 points per second: health up to 100, and armour up to the class's maximum.
  • Backpacks from corpses give one box of ammo for all your weapons and an armour shard.
  • Classes are defined by the files in cpma/classes and like modes can be customised extensively.

The options for class definitions are:

Token Defintion
n Name. ("Scout", "Fighter", etc).
m Model. ("slash", sarge", etc). NTF models always use ProMode skins.
s Base Speed. 320 is standard CPM speed, i.e. VERY fast if the player is skilled enough.
h Spawn Health.
a Maximum Armour.
ac Armour Class. One of the CPMA armour types: 0: Green, 1 : Yellow, 2 : Red.
ht Hook Type -- 0 : None, 1 : Offhand, 2 : Onhand.
hp Hook Pull. How fast a grappling player moves.
hs Hook Speed. How fast the grapple hook itself moves.
jd 1 : Can double-jump.
jr 1 : Can ramp-jump.
wX s,m,b,g Weapon loadout and Ammo.
w2 is MG, w3 SG, and so on. The four arguments set the ammo counts for initial spawn, max, "box" pickup (i.e. a dropped pack), and "gun" pickup (i.e. an item pack). They MUST all be specified, and MUST be comma-separatedwith no spaces between them (just like "ammo" lines in mode configs). Whether a class has a weapon or not is determined by the presence of a wX line, not the spawn ammo, so it's possible to give a class a certain weapon but have it be unusable until the player acquires ammo for it from a pack.
sw Starting Weapon. Must be one of the numbers from a wX line (or 1 for gauntlet). Handy for classes like Scout that spawn with SG and GL to prevent GL being selected just because it's the "higher" weapon.

Warning: There is basically no checking done on any part of the class definitions. If you're not capable of getting them right, you probably shouldn't be messing with them in the first place.

  • Although we don't currently enforce it, realistically NTF requires CPM settings. PMC lets Fighters and Tanks move faster than Scouts; CQ3 nerfs advanced movement so badly that classes which depend on it become almost unplayable; and VQ3 simply doesn't work. Still, it's the admin's choice to make so…
  • In case you hadn't worked it out yet, NTF stands for "Not Team Fortress".