Challenge ProMode Arena

CPMA 1.53b2 Changelog


Changes from CPMA 1.53 Beta 1 to Beta 2


  • map configs for ra3map14-20


  • the cg_newModels 1 grenade is less shiny

  • GameEvents/Console/Chat SuperHUD elements

    • reworked scrolling animations
    • the fade-in animation is disabled during spam to keep the text legible


  • when in overtime, switching from "timed overtime" to "sudden death" or "no overtime"
    would only happen once the current overtime period completed

  • cv remove was disabled in non-team modes

  • changing cg_fragSound would shut down CGame with Quake3e

  • grenade explosions made spawn points render at the map's origin

  • with cg_newModels 0, cg_nomip 8 wasn't forcing the grenade to be nopicmip

  • opaque highlight outlines could have gaps in them

  • $(CVar) HUD element text would only update when running /reloadHUD or after a video restart

  • WeaponList/WeaponSelection/GameEvents/Console/Chat SuperHUD elements:
    the color T|E override didn't apply to the background rects of non-highlighted items

  • WeaponList/WeaponSelection/GameEvents/Team1-16 SuperHUD elements:
    the highlight outline didn't draw in front of the rest

  • invis skull position wasn't being animated/interpolated wrt crouch/standing state

  • in rare scenarios, timeouts/pauses could reset the game clock as if no time had elapsed at all

  • using vid_restart in cg_modeConfig_* and cg_teamConfig_* CVars caused an infinite video restart loop

  • if you followed a player who left the arena and joined again while you were still in freecam,
    his player model would not render in the world, you'd hear his frag sounds, etc.

  • if you followed a player who entered a different arena and remained in freecam,
    the scoreboard would show data for the arena the player joined instead of the one you were in

New Demo Player Changes

  • added cg_demoMapOverrides <0|1> to display different maps during demo playback

  • /+demo_scrub to enable demo scrubbing (move mouse left/right to go back/forward in time)

  • predicted hit sounds for hitscan weapons when in another PoV

  • using the third-person deathcam when in another PoV

New Demo Player Fixes

  • incorrect freecam key binds in the help overlay

  • Pre/PostDecorate HUD elements with a non-zero time field could disappear when rewinding

  • the timeline bar would highlight your suicides as kills

  • invis skull position near the floor when in another PoV

  • the team overlays and GameEvents could draw highlights in freecam mode

  • could hear low ammo warning sounds for main PoV when in freecam or in another PoV

  • could hear item pickups of main PoV when in freecam

  • couldn't hear power-up spawns and power-up pickups at full volume when in freecam

  • cg_damageDraw would draw damage markers for the main PoV when in another PoV

  • invalid/missing health/armor bars/numbers and power-up list when in another PoV

  • (parts of) the world not rendering when in another PoV or in freecam

  • the cg_teamConfig_spec CVar wasn't executed when going into freecam mode

  • wrong cg_weaponConfig_* used when in freecam or following another PoV