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Quake 3 CPMA

Welcome to the official website for the Challenge ProMode Arena Quake 3 modification and Challenge Quake 3 engine!

Challenge ProMode Arena

Challenge ProMode Arena (more commonly referred to as CPMA) is a modification for Quake 3 Arena that focused on competitive gameplay. Choose between a wide variety of game modes including Duel, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Clan Arena, Not Team Fortress and Freeze Tag.

Check out the downloads page to get the latest version.

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Social communites

The easiest way to start playing against other players is to join our Discord community.
You'll also find us on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.

Challenge Quake3

The official CPMA engine is Challenge Quake 3, or CNQ3 for short. CNQ3 is a feature packed custom engine, written specifically to make the game play as good as possible. Some of it's features include:

  • 250fps for ultra smooth gameplay
  • Smart auto-completion and help text
  • Fullbright weapon and player models
  • Modernized service for downloading assets on demand
  • Stable, fast and reliable dedicated server client
  • Smarter multi monitor support
Head on over to the CNQ3 presentation guide to learn more.

You can download the latest version on our downloads page.
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