CPMA 1.51

The latest version of CPMA is released!
Check out the 1.51 changelog for more information, and then visit the download section for the latest file.

CNQ3 1.50

A new version of CNQ3, 1.50 has been released. Head over to the download section to get the latest file. Notable changes include writing configs on exit, fixing the listen server lag and allowing Zand 9to be bound again on Linux.

CPMA 1.50 and CNQ3 are OUT!

1.50 is finally here! After years since the last release, the Promode team is proud to release the latest installation of the popular Quake 3 modification CPMA. Alongside the new CPMA, is an all updated and improved CNQ3 1.49.

Watch the promo vid embedded to see what's changed in the current version, or refer to the 1.50 changelog for all changes.

Features overview